Take Them Off

Why limit yourself to what you can be or become?  Limits really shouldn’t exist when it comes to what you can do.  I continue to learn that the only limits that exist in my life are the ones that I place on myself.  Why can’t I become world famous (not really my dream, but hey -why can’t I)?  Why can’t I travel the world?  Why can’t I be a domestic goddess?  Why can’t I be an awesome wife and mom (eventually)?  Why can’t I do work that I love?  Why can’t I be financially secure?  Why can’t I change the world?

There isn’t any reason why I can’t have and be all these things.  I just have to look at my life without limits and then get to work becoming what I am supposed to be, instead of just dreaming about what I want and telling myself all the reasons why it can’t happen.  Have you taken the limits off of your life?